Pine Ridge School for Girls

The Pine Ridge Girls' School seeks, through an academically rigorous program grounded in Lakota culture, language, and values, to empower the young women of Pine Ridge, and to foster in them self-respect, a love of learning, and qualities of leadership to serve and shape their world.

Life can be hard on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Home to the Oglala Lakota, Pine Ridge is one of the most economically depressed places in the U.S.  However, it is also one of the most culturally rich. The Lakota language still thrives in many ways, and ceremonial practices are common place. However, unless parents or grandparents pass these values onto their children, the next generation is on the brink of losing this strong cultural identity. 

It is the hope of the school's founders to bring the opportunity for a high-quality academic education into alignment with the values and traditions of the Oglala Lakota so that the young women of the reservation will be equipped to help lead the Tribe out of its economic and social despair. 

The Lakota values are strong -- particularly those of kinship and the preservation of Mitakuye Oyasin (the interconnectedness of all relations). However, most important are for the founders of the school, the students, the staff, and our supporters to be generous with our time & resources and to practice the wisdom necessary to make good decisions on behalf of our children. We ask you to join us in the fight to preserve an protect the values of this beautiful cutlture--because when you invest in girls, you invest in a whole community!


The Archer School for Girls

Archer was founded in 1995 by three women, Megan Callaway, Victoria Shorr, and Dr. Diana Meehan, (see below from left to right), all graduates of girls’ schools and all parents of daughters who were about to enter middle school. Informed by current research on the clear benefits of single-sex education for girls and guided by their founding principles of innovation, community, and diversity, Archer originally opened in a converted Pacific Palisades dance studio with just over 30 sixth and seventh grade students.

Almost two decades later, Archer’s tremendous growth to 480 students on a seven-acre historic Sunset Boulevard campus is a testament to our role as a model of the renaissance of girls’ schools. Our founders’ basic premise - that girls thrive in a learning environment of their own - is now playing out across the country: since our founding, over 25 girls’ schools have started in the United States.