Midnight: Three Women at the Hour of Reckoning Jane Austen, Mary Shelley, Joan of Arc. Three stories we thought we knew, but we didn’t, not like we know them after we see them at midnight. This book takes each of these women as she faces her greatest challenge—a homeless Jane Austen. Joan of Arc at the stake. Mary Shelley in Italy, watching the water, wondering how she will face all the forces ranged against her if her husband, the poet Percy Shelley, doesn’t come back. Vastly different stories, but the moment is the same, the darkest one.
[Norton, March, 2019]



Backlands: A Novel
Set in the sparse frontier settlements of northeastern Brazil—a dry, forbidding, and wild region the size of Texas, known locally as the Sertão—Backlands tells the true story of a group of nomadic outlaws who reigned over the area from about 1922 until 1938. Taking from the rich, admired—and feared—by the poor, they were led by the famously charismatic bandit Lampião. The gang maintained their influence by fighting off all the police and soldiers the region could muster.
[Norton, March, 2016]



Great Uncle Edward, 3 memoirs of life on the edge in the 70s.

The Joan of Arc Journals, set in NY in the 70s, among women falling in love with each other.

The Blue Jaguar, a suicidal trip up the coast of California.

The Letter, an investigation of an alleged escape from Auschwitz.

Don't Complain to the Maids, short stories depicting expatriate life in Brazil in the 80s.